Amenities Baby Boomers Are Considering Vital For Assisted Living

15 November 2021
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Baby boomers are one of the largest generational influxes to assisted living. Older baby boomers are already entering the assisted living communities while some are starting to look to these communities as an option. If you operate an assisted living community, you may want to consider the amenities baby boomers feel are vital to their community. Here are a few and what to consider about each one.  Internet Access Internet access is vital for many people, including baby boomers. Read More 

Parent Has Dementia? What To Look For In A Senior Living Facility

27 July 2021
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If you have a parent that has dementia, then they will be okay in the very beginning stages. This is a very progressive disease, and they will eventually not be able to live alone or even take care of themselves. If you are not able to take care of your parent, then you should consider a senior living facility. Below is information on what you should look for in a senior living facility to help you make the right choice. Read More 

How To Prepare Family Members Better For Senior Care Living Facilities

13 April 2021
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Families sometimes have to make the decision to put certain members in senior care living facilities once they reach a certain age. It may be hard but ultimately the best decision for their health. If you do these things when preparing a loved one for this transition, everyone won't have to stress as much.  Start the Conversation Early With senior care living facilities, you don't want to just bring them up one day and then put your family member in one the next. Read More 

Caring For A Loved One With Dementia At Home: A Practical Outlook

15 January 2021
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If a family member is diagnosed with dementia, your instinct might be that they should move in with you so that you can give them all the care they need. But is this truly a practical plan? A lot of it depends upon your circumstances, but assuming you also acknowledge the need for additional support, it can be a practical and effective course of action. What are some of the things you should consider before a family member with dementia moves in with you? Read More