Parent Has Dementia? What To Look For In A Senior Living Facility

27 July 2021
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If you have a parent that has dementia, then they will be okay in the very beginning stages. This is a very progressive disease, and they will eventually not be able to live alone or even take care of themselves. If you are not able to take care of your parent, then you should consider a senior living facility. Below is information on what you should look for in a senior living facility to help you make the right choice. 

Memory Care

Memory care is important, and many senior living facilities do offer this. Memory care is generally a separate part of the regular facility and is run by trained professionals. If you put your parent into a living facility at the beginning, then they can likely start out in the main area until their symptoms get worse, and then they can move to the memory care unit for better treatment.

Safety and Security

Many memory care units have set routines in place to reduce stress in your parent, and the environment is very structured and safe. Make sure the doors will be always locked, as many people with dementia like to wander. Many senior living facilities have alarms on doors and windows so that if they are opened, the staff will be alerted immediately. Also, there should be enough people to keep an eye on the doors.

One-on-One Care

In the beginning, your parent will be fine living mostly on their own but will need to have one-on-one care over time. Make sure the senior living facility you choose has enough employees on staff to cover personal care to your parent. This may be helping them bathe or shower, dressing them, taking them to the bathroom, feeding them, etc. 


Just because someone has memory problems does not mean they cannot do anything. The senior living facility that you choose should offer a variety of projects for your parent. For example, your parent may enjoy painting or putting puzzles together. The facility should have something such as arts and crafts that their residents can do to help keep them busy. This is also a great way to relieve stress with your parent. 

Visit a senior living facility in your area, such as Autumn Manor, to learn much more about what they can offer you. Take your parent along with you so that you can see where they feel the most comfortable.