Amenities Baby Boomers Are Considering Vital For Assisted Living

15 November 2021
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Baby boomers are one of the largest generational influxes to assisted living. Older baby boomers are already entering the assisted living communities while some are starting to look to these communities as an option. If you operate an assisted living community, you may want to consider the amenities baby boomers feel are vital to their community. Here are a few and what to consider about each one. 

Internet Access

Internet access is vital for many people, including baby boomers. This access should be secure and offer high-speed connections. Unlike their older counterparts, many baby boomers use services such as live chat applications, email, and online streaming services. This makes a laptop computer their television, communications device, and mailbox. Paying bills online and doing online banking is also vital for many baby boomers. They can handle all aspects of their life without having to leave the community. This is important if their health is an issue or driving has become more difficult. 

On-Site Gym

You may be surprised to know that some baby boomers like having an on-site gym they can use 24 hours a day. Their older counterparts in the assisted living community may only use the gym for light workouts such as walking or for physical therapy. Baby boomers tend to use the gym for full workouts, treadmills, yoga, and other similar uses. In fact, having a gym that has instructors come in on a routine basis and classes can also attract baby boomers that want to stay active. 

Apartment-Like Living

An issue many baby boomers have with assisted living communities deals with the environment. They may feel that the only options will resemble a hospital. The truth is, assisted living communities that have gone with modern upgrades tend to look like actual apartments. They have separate bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas, and dining areas. Small kitchens are usually provided as well. The main difference is with the nurse call buttons if there is an issue and the resident needs help. Having the ability to live a lifestyle as close to their life in their own home is vital to their emotional health. 

If you are upgrading your assisted living for the influx of baby boomers, you may find some of these amenities to be easy to incorporate. If you have other amenities in mind as well, contact your contractors or board of directors. You can discuss your options and determine which ones will be ideal for baby boomers to help make their stay comfortable and inviting.