What A Senior Living Advisor Can Do For Your Family

5 June 2020
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If you have a family member of advanced age who is in need of eldercare or is considering moving into a senior living community, you should talk to a senior living advisor, often also referred to as a senior care consultant, who works to help families and elderly individuals make the right housing and care choices for the elderly individual in question.

A Senior Living Advisor Provides a Personal Touch

A senior living advisor is there to help your family by getting to know your loved one's needs. It is their job to learn about your loved one's health care needs as well as their emotional needs. It is the job of a senior living advisor to get to know your family and situation so that they can approach helping your family from a background of knowledge.

Finding home care or choosing to move into a senior living community is a highly personal experience and is best guided by the needs of your loved one and your family, not corporate interests.

A Senior Living Advisor Provides You with Choices

After learning about your loved one and your family's unique situation, a senior living advisor will work to provide your family with choices. They will let you know what type of care they think would fit your loved one's needs best, based on the information that you provided them with. They will listen to your feedback about their initial suggestions and then use that to dive deeper into the top choices.

They may help your loved one downsize and get in-home care, find an assisted living community that fits your loved one's needs, or find a nursing home or memory care home that fits your loved one's needs.

The living situation that they suggest and research will all be about meeting your loved one's specific needs.

A Senior Living Advisor Is Not a Salesperson

It is important to understand that a senior living advisor is not a salesperson. It is not their job to help sell your loved one on moving into a particular community. Usually, senior living advisors work for a collection of living communities, nursing homes, at-home care, and other types of senior care providers.

They will get a commission if they help place someone into one of those communities; however, they are not there to push or sell a particular community but instead to find which one, out of a range of choices, helps fit your loved one's needs the best.

If you have an elderly family member whose care or housing needs have changed, consider working with a senior living advisor to connect your loved one with the resources to allow them to stay in their home or help them find a place they can live that will provide them with the support they need.