Assisted Living Vs. Nursing Homes

27 March 2020
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Many people know that their loved ones need to live in a safe environment, but they may not know if that place should be an assisted living or nursing home. You might be surprised to learn that these terms are often used interchangeably, but they offer different types of care.

Not sure about the difference? This information will help clear things up.

Assisted Living Facilities

Generally, assisted living is beneficial for those who are independent in some ways but may require some assistance with their daily routine. For instance, they may be able to feed themselves and walk but need help bathing and dressing each morning.

Assisted living may provide help with grooming, toileting, walking, eating, and getting in and out of bed. The facilities also help with other tasks, like buying groceries, doing laundry, preparing meals, managing money, managing medication, and cleaning the house.

Assisted living facilities can also offer meal plans, which allow residents to come in for prepared meals. These meals are nutritious and can be made in accordance with your loved one's dietary needs.

Another important component of assisted living facilities are memory care wings. These areas are often suitable for individuals in the early stages of Alzheimer's and dementia, and the staff members can ensure your loved one is always safe.

Contact an assisted living facility to learn more about the available options.

Nursing Home Facilities

Those who live in nursing home facilities often require more care. The people who live in these facilities are often more reliant on others for help with domestic duties and personal care tasks. They may need help walking, using the bathroom, dressing, and so on. The costs of nursing home care typically include full-time support from staff members, whereas assisted living facility pricing may vary based on how much support your loved one needs.

Doctors and nurses may also work in these facilities, which means that your loved one has access to medical care as well. Residents who need 24 hours of supervision benefit from this level of care and access to a team of providers.

Help Is Available

No matter which kind of facility you are considering for yourself or a loved one, you should get in touch with a staff member to tour the facility and get to know the amenities it offers. You can consult with a staff member and your loved one's medical team to discuss which housing option provides the optimal level of care, supervision, and help.