Three Myths About Senior Care Centers And Why They May Be A Better Fit Than You Realize

25 March 2020
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If you've never really looked at one, simply thinking about a senior care facility may bring to mind a cold, institutionalized place where nobody is happy. But today's senior facilities are just the opposite in fact.

Myth #1: Senior care is absurdly expensive and isn't worth the cost

Let's establish this right off: a senior care facility is rarely cheap. But, a mortgage, utility bills, upkeep, emergency repairs, insurance, groceries, lawn care, and security aren't cheap either. A senior living facility includes all that and more — including entertainment, social events, cleaning, security, and of course, medical care. These facilities have many people on staff, people that don't work for free. When you take a look at the monthly price for a senior care center, you may be shocked. But if you add in every single expense to equal the same experience, it often costs around the same.

Myth #2: Residents of a senior care facility lose their independence

Just because someone is living around other people, that doesn't mean they can't be independent. For the most part, residents in a senior care facility are about as independent as they want to be. They can eat meals when they want, spend their time how they want, and sometimes even come and go as they want (if they have the ability). In fact, freeing them up from responsibilities of daily life and home ownership often makes seniors more independent than ever before!

Myth #3: It's not time to consider a senior care facility until the senior can no longer handle life on their own

A senior care facility isn't just a place for people who need help with every aspect of daily life. Sure, this is a driving factor for many people, but plenty of able-bodied seniors benefit from these facilities. They can have a close-knit community of friends to share their hobbies with, a place to get nutritious meals and snacks, free transportation to local shops, and peace of mind knowing that someone is always looking. Don't assume these centers are just for people who can't get by on their own. 

By the year 2035, the AARP says there will be more people in the US over the age of 65 than under the age of 18. And a good portion of those people will need senior care placement. If you're considering a senior living facility, don't let the common myths deter you from letting your loved one live their best life possible.