3 Features To Look For When Helping Your Parent Choose A Retirement Community To Live In

21 February 2020
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Your parent can use some support when looking for a retirement community to move to. There is a lot to consider and prepare for. Here are a few features to look for when you're helping your parent choose a senior living community to live in.

A Stair-Free Community Layout

As your parent gets older, they won't be able to walk up and down stairs very easily. Using stairs can be downright dangerous for the elderly, especially if they tend to use canes or walkers to get around in daily life. So it's important to look for a retirement community for your parent to live in that features stair-free access to all of the community spaces as well as the apartment dwellings.

Whenever your parent wants to visit a friend who lives in the senior community, spend some time at the swimming pool, or visit the management team for any reason, they should be able to do so without having to navigate more than one step at any given location. This will make your parent's life experience more enjoyable and give you peace of mind that they'll be safe when navigating through their community.

Large Showers With Hand Rails

One amenity to look for inside the prospective apartments you and your parent look at is a large shower with hand rails. Your parent will needs lots of room to maneuver while in the shower, especially if they need to rely on a bench to sit on during their showers. Bathtubs are safety hazards for the elderly because of how easy it is for them to slip and fall while trying to get over the bathtub wall after a shower.

So make sure that your parent's new apartment features a shower that is easy to walk in and out of and that can accommodate a walker and a bench when necessary. Your parent will appreciate the convenience and you'll both appreciate the safety aspects.

An Emergency Intercom or Paging System

While your parent may not want or need to live in an assisted living senior community that features medical care and other in-home services, they should still have access to an intercom or paging system in case of an emergency. Your parent can have all the privacy and independence they want. But if an accident or medical emergency occurs, they shouldn't have to try to rush to the security office or find a phone to get some help.

When touring prospective senior living communities, ask about what kind of emergency response systems are in place and ask to be shown where all of the emergency paging or intercom stations are. Make sure your parent knows exactly where they can be found. You can then work with your parent to determine whether the emergency response system is adequate for their needs and expectations.