3 Ways Being In An Assisted Living Facility Is Good For The Elderly During A Pandemic

31 March 2020
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During the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, it was determined that elderly people were most at risk if they were to contract the illness. During these kinds of uncertain times, it can be highly worrisome to have elderly loved ones that you care for. In many respects, it is better off if these loved ones are in an assisted care facility. Here is a look at some of the ways being in an assisted living facility is a good thing for the elderly during a pandemic. 

Individuals in assisted care are more protected from the outside world. 

Assisted living facilities are already protected places; people cannot just come in and out freely without either checking in or being monitored. During a pandemic, it can be best if the people who are most at risk are kept isolated from the outside world, and this is more possible in an assisted living facility. While employees will still be entering and leaving the facility, they will be closely monitored to ensure they are not showing signs of an illness. Therefore, an elderly relative in assisted living is less likely to get sick. 

Individuals in assisted living get frequent interaction with care professionals. 

When elderly individuals are left all alone, they have a lot of time to focus on the thoughts that are making them feel anxious. During something as scary as a pandemic, this can quickly lead to all-out panic if there is no one present. Unfortunately, visitors may not be allowed during this time either. In an assisted living facility, care professionals are available at all times of the day and will frequently stop in to check on your elderly loved one—not to mention that the residents in the facility can still interact with one another within the protected confines of the facility. 

Individuals in assisted living will be calmed by the caring staff. 

For an elderly individual who may be more at risk of contracting an illness during a pandemic, things can seem really scary. The fears can be exacerbated by the fact that they are unable to really get out in the world and see what is going on; they have to rely on what others tell them and what they see on the news. The assisted living professionals at the facility will help keep anxiety at bay by talking with the patients to help them better understand what is taking place.

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